21 Golden Rules

Posted: June 29, 2012 in advice, business, education
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Jason Nazar, founder of docstoc.com, speaks to students at the University of California, Santa Barbara about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Among his “21 golden rules” is a caveat about effort. He asserts that effort is the only controllable variable in the start-up equation (and life, for that matter). You, and how hard you work is the only factor within your control. Additionally, it pays to choose where you invest your efforts. Energy is finite so get your priorities straight. If being self-employed, financially independent, or just doing work you love is top priority…then put your effort there. Work is the only thing that will reliably carry you to your destination.

The logic is here is simple: you have to be a student to become a master…and to become a master you have to do the work. Take the time to listen to Jason’s lecture, apply the lessons, and get the results. (And visit docstoc, it’s a great resource!)


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